Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sexhibition Cabaret

What a night! Whanganui may never be the same again ... The Sexhibition fundraising cabaret was held at The Zone, where we had our very own resident porn stars, Ronnie and Cat Lee. Photographs of attendees cuddled up to the porn stars can be viewed at Sexhibition, upstairs at 81 Guyton St, from the opening at 4pm on Saturday 24th March through till Sunday 1 April when those featured can take home their photos.
Other stars at the cabaret were the gorgeous MC Ava Gunn, the lovely belly dancers, Secret Bones designers modelling their own underwear, the fabulous Felicity Foccacino and the all-female band Hooplah. Not to mention the guests, who were courageous adventurers into the new territory of Sexhibition...

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