Saturday, May 12, 2007

Real Art Roadshow opening

Before the show goes on the road, the official opening was held at Mahara Gallery in Waikanae. This collection has been put together to tour every secondary school in the country so that art students in particular, but the wider community also, can experience art up close and personal, rather than as reproductions in books. The show is stunning, just about all painting, but apparently designed for this aspect of the art curriculum. Obviously there are restrictions with touring an exhibition in a truck, but if the venture is well received, the plan is to put more trucks and artwork on the road. It would be great to see a photography truck too with, say, Yvonne Todd, Boyd Webb, Laurence Aberhart, Ann Shelton, Fiona Pardington, Ava Seymour, Darren Glass, Ben Cauchi, Fiona Clark, Anne Noble, Ans Westra, Andrew Ross, Peter Peryer, Janet Bayly, Gavin Hipkins, Wayne Barrar, Fiona Amundsen and more!
Seen here are Fiona Richter (the collector with the vision) seated between Robyn Baker and Rob McLeod, works by Kelcy Taratoa, Martin Basher, and Reuben Paterson, then bottom left is Seung Yul Oh and Miranda Parkes, bottom right some young viewers with works by Joanna Braithwaite, Matt Hunt, Matt Couper and Dean Venrooy. There are something like 65 works altogether, but to see them all, you'll have to check out the show which closes 8 July.

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