Saturday, August 4, 2007

Carey Smith & Co. Whanganui Arts Review Open Award

One out of left field, but very cool to find out I won the Open Award last night. The judges were Mary-Jane Duffy and Aaron Lister. I didn't take any photos at the opening because I was working, but Joanna Langford won Highly Commended for her installation 'The Cloud Watcher', Andrea du Chatenier won an award for her 'Dancing Death' wool rug, Lydia Davis-Pou won the student award for her oil painting 'I believe in Adam and Eve' and Leigh Mitchell-Anyon, Rachael Garland, Brandon Sayring, Alexander Harper, Tom Turner and Penni Wyse were also award winners.
Posted here are two images of my 'Contemporary Gladiator' work, me celebrating at Indigo afterwards, and the talented Lydia chilling out at home.

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