Friday, September 25, 2009


Here is the invite to a photography show I'm in which opens today ... wish I was there, what a beautiful place. Just in case any blog readers are in the neighbourhood...


Maya, Split, Croatia said...

Hi Jo!
I opened your blog and for a moment thought I made a mistake.
Well, it's not so near to where I live, but in comparison to New Zealand I could say it's in my neighborhood.
I may even go and see the exhibition. I'll let you know if I do.

Here you can see couple of pictures from the exhibition's opening.

JK Russ said...

Yay Maya, cool eh. One day I hope to get to your part of the world myself! Thank you for the link, and wishing you all the best.

tomislav said...

Hi Jo, I can tell that u on 26/9/09evening I was not there cos I simply couldnt find any friend who was willing to go there (what a SHAME!). But I was just 35 km from Đurđevac (Georgetown) in my vineyard doing harvester for this year BUT WITHOUT CAR.
Maybe next week I will go there (maybe!) to take some photos of your work on the wall (and of others)
And again I am happy you have won the third prize!!!
Maya is from Split, Dalmatia, and I am from very north of Croatia where is Đurđevac as well, my high school town.
All the best to you Jo!

JK Russ said...

Hi Tomislav - thanks for your encouragement to enter the Durdevac Salon. New Zealand is such a small place, it is good to feel connected to the big wide world out there!

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