Friday, February 26, 2010

Kendra's farewell

The lovely Kendra is heading back to the States. She will be really missed here in Whanganui. Some waterbombs were thrown to mark the occasion, Kendra wore a few and Erik offered James a free shot - and took a direct hit.


Kendra Sparks said...

Thanks Jo!!!! I miss you guys Sooooooooooo much. I wander around here wondering "what the hell am I doing here?" I miss the home Paul and I have made together AND I miss all of the wonderful people we are so very lucky to be surrounded by.
Keep up with the great photos Jo ( I love the seeing "what's happening." and the "digital sunshine.")
Good luck with the show at the Sergeant as well.
Love you!

JK Russ said...

Thanks Kendra, its cool we can keep up the connection with our blogs, and look forward to seeing you again soon, xxx jo

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