Sunday, March 21, 2010

festival opening

The Whanganui Open Studios Fringe Festival officially opened with a night market down by the river. There was cool stuff for kids - lots of bubbles to chase, and floating lanterns to make which were then lit in the water. People sliding over in the riverbank mud made for some impromptu entertainment for the crowd safely watching from the walkway above.
There were also bands and cultural groups including some awesome waiata from children from Tawhero School. When it got dark, there was a Michael Tuffery video projected onto a building. If only every weekend was like this, but of course there was a lot of hard work went on behind the scenes to make this all happen - big congrats to the organisers.

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the mad proccessor said...

yes wonderful evening.Nice to see the photos.A big thanks to Jo ockey for organising

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