Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas decorations

My first American Christmas and it's pretty spectacular! The top four photos were taken on a walk down our street where so many people have completely transformed their front gardens. The bottom four photos were taken in the Bellagio conservatory where they have stunning displays all year round. The penguins move and the polar bears are made from white roses.


tomislav said...

Hi Jo! Just want to send you many good wishes for N Y and for Xmas time. U both are doing excellent work in USA. To be an immigrant anywhere is not so easy job. I was for 10 years in N Z and yet dont know shuld I go again or not.

JK Russ said...

Thanks Tomislav - hope you are having a great Christmas and all the best for 2011! I agree, being an immigrant is difficult, and times are pretty tough everywhere. At least if you go back to NZ again, you will already understand the culture there and have friends, but yes, a big decision... Go well, my friend.

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