Friday, December 17, 2010

the Getty, winter 2010

My first visit to the Getty Museum in LA. It was cold and wet so I pretty much had the gardens to myself - even in winter they were just stunning. Center top is 'Delusions of Grandeur' by Magritte with 'Torso of Dina' by Maillol behind it. Top right is the commissioned sculpture 'That Profile' by Martin Puryear.
Some works inside which caught my attention were: 'Venus' by Nollekens, 'Arii Matamoe (The Royal End)' by Gauguin and 'Bust of Juliette Recamier' by Chinard.
There were also some great photography shows which I wasn't able to document - Felice Beato images from East Asia in the 1800s, and work by contemporary Chinese photographers.


Tomatohead said...

Thank you for the gorgeous photos, Jo. There was a great article about the launching of the gardens and the artist who planned them (Robert Irwin), who wanted something visually interesting throughout the year. There was a huge conflict between the architect and Irwin. Glad to see Irwin prevailed. I can get you a copy of the article if you'd like.

Irwin seems like an interesting cat. He was (is still?) v. much a part of Venice Beach. He once also spent a year not talking.

It was fun to see your gallivanting around LA via FB.

Best from wet, fake Mot,

JK Russ said...

Hi Tricia - that's really interesting that there was such conflict between Irwin and the architect, because the gardens and the buildings seem to complement each other so well. Thanks - I'd love to read that article.
All the best to you in wet pseudo-Mot. It's even raining in Vegas today...

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