Thursday, February 24, 2011

with love to the people of Christchurch

I have been looking at numerous tragic images of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Christchurch, where both my parents were born. When so many people are suffering, and I am a long way away here in Las Vegas, it is hard to know how to respond. After 9/11, I went out into my garden in Wellington and photographed a bush with bright red flowers. I was looking for something beautiful and uplifting.
So today I am posting this photograph I took recently of a cool cactus doing its thing under tough conditions. Love to everyone in Christchurch.


Kendra Sparks said...

I know... It is quite shocking and surreal.
I've been feeling the same way... but what can I do?
Sending them your love Jo is all that we can at the moment....
beautiful photo of cactus...
and lovely photos/posts all around.
The wonder of technology. It is great to be able to see bits and pieces of what you and Matt are seeing and experiencing.

JK Russ said...

Lovely to hear from you Kendra! I hear you've been having some cool travel adventures! Hope we can catch up in person in May xxx

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