Tuesday, April 5, 2011

kiwi band Die! Die! Die! plays Las Vegas...

Last night kiwi band Die! Die! Die! played the Royal Resort in Las Vegas. I hadn't been to that hotel before but it impressed me by having a pool table instead of slot machines in the entrance foyer and paintings on the walls instead of designer daubles.
First up were Las Vegas trio Coastwest Unrest followed by the Akashic Record who both played good gigs. Of course the band I had come to see was Die! Die! Die! who didn't disappoint. From the moment they came on, they were straight out into the audience and their energy was magnetic. By the end of the night they was a microphone-stand meltdown, a full-on encore, and the crowd left still wanting more. Great night!


Burg aka El Presidente said...

A rarity, a Vegas hotel with heart.

JK Russ said...

yeah, a lot of places here follow the same format, but the ones I like have a more original, creative feel. The Artisan is another fine example.

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