Monday, July 25, 2011

Lord Gargoyle at the Sci-Fi Center

We've now been living in Las Vegas for a year, and are still discovering interesting little venues off the beaten track. The Sci-Fi Center is a little hard to find as it is NOT in the building with the glowing neon Sci-Fi signage, but follow the red line on their location map and you can't miss it.
Comic fans will enjoy the well-stocked comic store plus there is a small film theatre which regularly shows sci-fi and horror movies.
Las Vegas artist Rob Hester, aka 'Lord Gargoyle' was invited to exhibit his paintings and demonstrate his body-painting technique. The model for this event was the beautiful Brianna Belladonna, famous in her own right as an artist and a sword-swallower.
As she was already adorned with some large tattoo pieces, Gargoyle incorporated these into his final design. Tentacles wrapped around her body, emerging from a gaping fissure in her back, suggesting a large multi-eyed monster was taking her over. Gargoyle's creation was right at home in the Sci-Fi Center.

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