Tuesday, August 9, 2011

more first friday exhibitions...

The downtown artists and gallerists have clearly demonstrated that first friday in Las Vegas is a thriving event, with or without the festival area on Casino Center. Again, this is only a little taste of what was showing ... Trifecta Gallery (top left) hosted the Safewalls exhibition featuring sixteen popular local and international artists inspired by Cirque du Soleil.
Across the road at Space Gallery was 'Polaroid Minutes' by 18-year old Las Vegas photographer Nick Leonard who has an ongoing love affair with retro - in this case accommodation signage in Reno and Las Vegas.
At Kleven Contemporary (center left) Justin Favela (see recent post) has created another show which highlights his interest in relationships and reinvention. This "New Paintings" show is the first stage of another reinvention, coming soon....
Bobby Logic's exhibition 'Sexy Bubbles' featuring a heady mixture of girls, guns and bubbles is currently showing at Sin City Gallery (center right). At bottom, 'Freedom>Force' at the Aios gallery on Main St. Thirty-eight artists contributed works for a send-off show farewelling Stephen Hendee and Catherine Borg who both made major contributions to the local art scene (see article in the Las Vegas Weekly by Kristen Peterson).

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