Friday, September 30, 2011

Carlo Roncancio explores sexuality and gender roles...

The closing party for Carlo Roncancio's show Macho Ma'am at Sin City gallery featured music, fashion and a talk by the artist.
Having developed an interest in fashion photography while studying at the College of Design in Pasadena, Roncancio has worked with Herb Ritts and Bruce Weber and cites Steven Meisel as an important influence. The crossover of fashion and sexuality is the area which most interests Roncancio, who describes the sexually-charged photography campaigns of North Beach Leather and Calvin Klein underwear as being revolutionary in breaking down boundaries.
Working on the Macho Ma'am series has allowed Roncancio to create images based on a long-standing desire to see men evolve into who they really are. Having made many portraits of men in his career, Roncancio says they often open up to him about the pressure they feel to always appear strong and macho, and express a desire to be more relaxed about their sexuality. The male models for this current series are not necessarily lingerie wearers themselves, but Roncancio describes how as he photographed them, they allowed themselves to relax into the moment.
With a vision of a perfect utopia in his head, Roncancio aims to share his vision of a less hostile and judgemental world through his work. "Visually I see things beautifully, I see the best part of a person.... We are all spiritual and sexual creatures of the planet".

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