Sunday, December 4, 2011

Art Miami

I was lucky to be able to attend the 'Blogger's Guide to Art Miami' hosted by art bloggers Joanne Mattera and Franklin Einspruch (top left, discussing a colorful woodblock print by Charlie Hewitt). They toured a group of us around a number of the exhibiting galleries and interviewed the gallerists who shared insights into the development of their exhibitions. Leslie Ferrin of Ferrin Gallery introduced the work of Chris Antemann who creates and then photographs 18th century European-style ceramics where the traditional gender roles are reversed - here the females are clothed and the beautiful young males are naked. The other three exhibiting artists, Kendrick Moholt, Molly Hatch and Sergei Isupov were invited to interpret the concept.
We also visited the Bridgette Mayer Gallery where Bridgette described how she constructed her exhibition around the circular painting by Kenneth Noland. From this central focus, she created cohesion by exhibiting works from other artists which featured linework, grids and pattern.
I then wandered around more than 100 other exhibiting galleries and have included some images here to give an idea of the wide variety of art on show: Waiting on Table by Allen Jones, an untitled hand-colored print by Marc Quinn, painted glass pitchers by Fredrik Nielsen and a work from the Sotheby's assemblage series by Nelson Leimer. Also shown here is the red Peter Fetterman photography booth.
Photo top left courtesy Matthew Couper. Next post - the huge Miami Beach Art Basel...

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