Monday, December 19, 2011

pills, bullet holes and glass fragments...

Houston, Texas has a vibrant and varied art scene with clusters of large high-end dealer galleries in an imposing building at 4411 Montrose and along 'Gallery Row' on Colquitt. Featured here are three smaller galleries which represent artists whose work examines cultural, political and environmental issues.
Marzia Faggin was exhibiting at DM Allison Art in the Christmas "Objectivity" show. Her works look good enough to eat with their bright candy colors and realistic renditions of tasty snacks. Each component however is constructed from hand-cast and painted plaster, and a closer viewing reveals the less palatable issue of contemporary society's obsession with the the 'quick fix' of junk food, pills, caffeine and nicotine.
The tall sculptures suggesting desert forms can also provide night lighting in gardens. The artist, James Ciosek, has created a 'Constructed Chaos' series, pitting his works with bullet holes and making use of other 'randomness generators'. The works shown here are in the sculpture garden at Redbud Gallery in the Historic Heights area.
PG Contemporary was showing 'Nuevo Fuego' by Susan Plum, an artist well known for her delicate glass constructions and interest in environmental issues. Her work was included in a major exhibition in 2008 at Te Papa museum in New Zealand Moving Towards a Balanced Earth: Kick the Carbon Habit.

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