Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rubell Family Collection

For contemporary art lovers, the Rubell Family Collection, now based in Miami, is not to be missed. The large two-level building which used to be a Drug Enforcement Agency warehouse has plenty of space indoors for large installations and has an outdoor sculpture patio.
A member of the Rubell family owned the now-famous Studio 54 club in New York, a favorite of Andy Warhol and artist friends. Don and Mera Rubell began collecting art in the '60s and they haven't shied away from provocative work. Many works from their extensive collection are loaned out to institutions, and curated exhibitions ensure that the works on view change regularly - and access is free to the public.
Currently showing is American Exuberance featuring 64 artists sharing their observations of American culture, economy and politics. From top left, visitors explore an installation "Not a Surface Shared With Painting" by John Miller, a painting by Lisa Yuskavage,"Northview, Two Girls", Nathan Marby's bronze sculpture "A Very Touching Moment (Cunning Linguist)", Charles Ray's fiberglass mannequins titled "Oh! Charley, Charley, Charley", a still from Ryan Trecartin's "Trill-ogy Comp" video works, and Rob Pruitt's installation "Sick Obsession With Glitter".

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