Monday, February 20, 2012

Salon Show

In true salon-style tradition, a lively crowd conversed amidst a large assemblage of artworks at the opening of the Salon Show at Pop Up Art House on Saturday night. An open call had been extended for submissions to the Salon Show and writers were invited to submit for the Gazette, published in conjunction with the exhibition. There was also a curiosity cabinet containing vintage finds embellished by artists, along with PUAH merchandise.
Participating artists are Jason Adkins, Mark Brandvik, Matthew Couper, Rory Devine, Catherine Fairbanks, Laura Faw Boles, Ellary Eddy, Jared Flores, Susanne Forestieri, Drina Fried, Wendy Kveck, Matthew Marchand, Jane Marquez, Mark Mellon, Ford Minton, Ann Mowry, Brent Payne, David Sanchez Burr, Jim Seely, Kathleen Strukoff, Markus Tracy, Jevijoe Vitug, Holly Vaughn and Greta Waller.
The Gazette writers are Gregory Crosby, Scott Dickensheets, Hugh Fogel, Mat Gleason,
Danielle Kelly, Andrew Kiraly, Jenessa Kenway and Kristen Peterson.


Anonymous said...

Wow that looked like so much fun. I'm sad I missed out on getting a commemorative coffee mug. Did you keep a copy of the Gazette? I'd be curious to read it. I look forward to the day I feel confident enough with my art work that I can exhibit it. Can't wait to see your show!

JK Russ said...

Yep, have a copy of the Gazette. It's a great read with commentary on art and Las Vegas... Look forward to catching up soon!

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