Tuesday, July 10, 2012

as seen on recent gallery and First Friday rounds...

Preview Thursday is still the best opportunity to meet exhibiting artists and view the work. Sin City Gallery hosted a Q&A session with Los Angeles photographer Steve Diet Goedde who has based his new series around girlfriend and muse Yee, who also attended the opening. Known for his erotic and fetish work, Diet Goedde also photographs street scenes, with a book on Paris soon to be published. Image top right shows Steve Diet Goedde with visiting models wearing Mina Kahn designs.
The Contemporary Arts Center is showing 'The Garden of Forking Paths' - an installation by three Philadelphia artists, Katie Baldwin, Nichola Kinch and Katie Murken. The show is titled after the Jorge Luis Borges short story, but the artists have used materials rather than words to explore the concept of diverging paths. And in the CAC's window space, local artist Joseph Watson is showing a multi-panel city scape titled 'Theatrical Occurrences'.
Artist Michael Barrett projected his digital graffiti work 'Trigger Happy' beside Boulder Plaza, Jska Priebe premiered 'Stellar: The Women of Science Fiction' at 303 North Studio inside the Arts Factory, and Blackbird Studios presented 'Atomic 51', a group show looking at the impact of the Atomic Age on Las Vegas, complete with an eerie recreation of a 'test site house".
And I finally got to see Rory Devine and Carter Potter's show 'CA/NV/NY' which just ended at the award-winning Pop Up Art House in Henderson. Although Devine's works immediately caught the eye, Potter's were more of a slow burn, revealing a whole lot more with close inspection...

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