Monday, August 27, 2012

Off the Strip New Genres Festival 2012 - this coming weekend...

I've been posting a little less often recently as I've been working to bring together the video and performance events for the Off the Strip New Genres Festival 2012. The main program takes place at the Contemporary Arts Center on Sept 1 and 2, with satellite events at Multiplexer and 5th Wall Gallery in Emergency Arts and The Mini-Market in North Las Vegas.
Performing artists featured are Artist Michael Barrett, Justin Favela, Amanda Haymond, Aaron Nemec, Daniel Oshima, Miguel Rodriguez and Lou Lou Roxy.
Video artists include Candy Warpop with director Ryen McPherson, Austin Dickson, Julia Holden, Jenessa Kenway, Kid Meets Cougar with directors Mike and Jerry Thompson, Slawomir J Milewski and Ronnie van Hout.
The festival will provide opportunities for Q&A with participating artists including attending UK-based experimental film maker Slawomir J. Milewski and artist/musician Aaron Nemec from Indiana.

Image above from The Ecstasy of St Agnes by Slawomir J. Milewski.

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