Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cirque du Soleil's Mystere

Las Vegas has always been known for offering high quality shows, with amazingly SEVEN current Cirque du Soleil shows. Mystere is one of the earliest, opening in 1993, and with two shows each night, is still filling the theatre.
There was some very entertaining audience interaction - much of it involving popcorn - and many humorous characters in the show. The combination of humor, color and constant action would appeal to children as well as adults. I've seen quite a few great circus shows, but there were feats of strength and dexterity in Mystere which seemed beyond human capabilities.
I came away feeling great respect for the talented hard-working performers and the crew behind the scenes who keep such a complex mechanism running smoothly.

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Anonymous said...

Well said. It constantly amazes me when I actually look at the show. It has been a grind for Cirque to do this but our hearts always warm to the emotions invoked.

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