Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I.M. Caravaggio at Theatre 7

This was my first visit to the newly opened Theatre 7 in the Arts District which will be showing independent films, live performance and art. The atmosphere is intimate and friendly and often the film directors and actors are present for informal Q&A sessions after the screenings.
The independent movie I.M.Caravaggio directed by Derek Stonebarger features Ryan Eicher in the lead role - pictured above describing his preparation for the part. He plays a contemporary Las Vegas art student who is obsessed with the infamous Italian artist Caravaggio who died in 1610 after committing a murder.
I.M. Caravaggio is neither an exploration of painting nor a tourist advertisement for Las Vegas. It is a dark film about obsession and emotional damage grounded in the gritty beauty of the back streets, seedy casinos and strip joints which can be found beyond the bright lights of the Strip.

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