Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the evolving Emergency Arts center...

Since being reinvented as a creative hub and opening in early 2010, the medical center now known as Emergency Arts has gone through some changes. The Beat Coffeehouse remains as an anchoring meeting spot, but many of the artist's studios on the first and second floors have been replaced by offices for non-profits and creative businesses.
Many of the gallery spaces have also changed, with 5th Wall Gallery, an artist-owned space, being one of the most recent arrivals. Currently showing is an installation by Luis Brennan 'Tell the other side how you feel' where viewers are invited to post personal messages into the work itself.
Kleven Contemporary is one of the more established galleries in the building and is showing "Bitch Betta Have My Money" - lithographs by UNLV graduate Bekah Just which are a contemporary remix of rap and vintage pulp fiction.
Counterspace is dedicated to photography, but is not afraid to explore the boundaries of the medium. The show 'Same River Twice' curated by Tony Flanagan and Michael Monson, features QR codes which have a strong graphic presence and also operate as conduits to selected websites and online galleries.
One of the new creative businesses which have taken up residence is peanutbutterfish who offer web and logo design, and more. Photographed at work in what was once an x-ray room is designer Bijan Damavandi.


Anonymous said...

I really like the pictures you took. And you must have an amazing memory to remember the names and titles of so many exhibits and artists! :)

JK Russ said...

ha ha - thanks Manda! Thank goodness for Google and exhibition hand outs is all I can say!

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