Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Friday Fremont East

There was a somewhat spooky ambience in 'Getback Alley' - the new venue for First Friday Fremont East. It felt like we were walking into a film set with the giant figures at the entrance and clouds of colored vapor wafting across desolate canvas scenery ... a gritty, urban film with a loose storyline, allowing plenty of room for improvisation.
We discovered skateboarders, live painting, arts vendors, a fire spinner, and at the very far end a stage, where local band Von Kin were creating the perfect moody, dark soundtrack.
Image top left courtesy Matthew Couper.


Anonymous said...

I really liked that Getback Alley. It felt like I wasn't in Vegas anymore. :)

JK Russ said...

Definitely an interesting place to hang out! Kudos to the creative people making it happen...

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