Monday, February 6, 2012

12" of Sin - Preview Thursday

In true Sin City Gallery style, there was a party atmosphere with performers and a film crew at the opening of the juried award show 12 Inches of Sin. Submissions had been invited from artists working internationally in the broad area of 'erotic art', and 25 finalists were selected by a panel of 12 judges: photographer Christopher Ball from London, sex educator and artist Betty Dodson from New York, Allena Gabosch - Producer of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, artist Fran├žois Dubeau from Montreal, LA photographer Steve Diet Goedde, Alexander Donskoi - founder of Russia's first Erotic Art Museum, Hans van der Kamp - founder of AMEA World Museum of Erotic Art, Lisolette Gilcrest - founder of the Society for Women in Erotic Art Today, Fang Fu Ruan who holds a PhD in Human Sexology, Julian Murphy - artist and co-founder of Erotic Signature, Jerry Vile - the founder of Detroit's Dirty Show, and Sharp - Vice-President of the Tom of Finland Foundation.
The 'Best in Show' award announced by gallery owner, Dr Laura Henkel, went to Florida artist Allan Teger for his photographic work "Mountain Climber". The exhibition runs through to 26 February and a portion of artwork sales is being donated to the Sin City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who conduct safer sex outreach and raise funds for the Sisters AIDS Drug Assistance Program.
The picture of me with my vibrating friend James (bottom right) is thanks to artist Sharon Leong.
Next post - the after party at Artifice.


Anonymous said...

Haha! That looks like fun. I like the pictures, too. :)

JK Russ said...

Thanks Manda! My solo show opens at Sin City Gallery 1 March - I hope the opening will be just as fun. Will post invite soon...

a camera in the world said...

One day I will get to see another one of your shows. Keep it up!

and the catchpa is iniquity, kind of appropriate me thinks.

JK Russ said...

thanks camera in the world - I hope we get to cross paths in person again before too long!

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