Thursday, February 2, 2012

Defeat the Future at the CAC

Artist and curator Yo Fukui returns to Las Vegas with a band of super heroes intent on defeating the monster of the Future. Each of these five east-coast artists have developed individual super powers and were willing to share their secrets at an Artist Talk chaired by Matthew Couper at the Contemporary Arts Center on Wednesday night.
Yo Fukui shared that felt application is his secret weapon and he uses it to full effect in his sculptural works. Chad Stayrook has embarked on a ritualistic journey, invoking geometric symbols in the process of "allowing everything to be a miracle". Naoko Wowsugi has developed her powers in the area of 'relational aesthetics', working with her students to create a series of portraits and performance-based works which act as a buffer against the Future. Antonio Serna describes himself as a 'Curiosity Superhero' - he uses this skill to navigate the world, as evidenced in his willingness to explore war and 'Black Ops' in Romania. The fifth artist, Richard A. Wager wasn't able to attend the talk, but his super power appears to be the ability to transform utilitarian objects into metamorphosed material, such as his piece 'Persian Rug'.
Yo Fukui closed by saying"It is almost impossible to defeat the Future, as you know you are going to die. You can't beat it. It will continue. You just keep trying which is sad, but kind of funny too."
The photographs above were taken during the installation of the show and at the Artist Talk event.

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