Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ken and Barbie's Sneak Preview

In 2010, photographer Jana Cruder exhibited a series of works at Brett Wesley Gallery titled 'What Lies Beneath' exploring femininity and the lasting cultural impact of Barbie dolls. Her follow up to this popular series brings Ken into the picture, with a focus on 'Career Barbie' and 'Domestic Ken'.
Shot in Palm Springs, CA, the images combine humor with a highly stylized retro aesthetic. Beneath the surface of perfect coiffures, pristine pools and immaculate designer interiors, Cruder is exploring some grittier issues of gender and beauty.
Also on display were images from the Something to Remember project, a philanthropic portrait series for families supporting loved ones with cancer.
'Sneak Preview' was hosted by Barneys New York Las Vegas, and the full series will be exhibited at Brett Wesley Gallery later in the year.
Image at top 'Morning Coffee' courtesy Jana Cruder.

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