Monday, June 4, 2012

Shifting Paradigms in Contemporary Ceramics

Last time we visited Houston, I mentioned some of the great art museums there. This time we also visited the Museum of Fine Arts which was showing 160 ceramic works collected by Clark and Del Vecchio and now owned by the museum. Here is just a little taste with some pieces which really stood out for me:
Top left are two works by Aoki Katsuyo, center is 'Arnold's Bride' by Paul Day and right is 'Trophy of Rebirth' by Laszlo Fekete. Bottom l-r are works by Anne Kraus, 'Twins' by Akio Takamori and 'Cube Skull' by Richard T. Notkin.


Sandra Schmidt said...

UUH, this show looks incredibly interesting. Thanks for sharing!

JK Russ said...

Thanks Sandra - it was a huge show, hard to do justice to it with just a few images! These collectors also own work by NZ ceramic artist Paul Mayseyk.

Sandra Schmidt said...

Hi Jo, wow- Paul is in good company in this collection. By the way, we received your post card today, very sweet, thanks!

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